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Double Doepfer!

Getting Rid of the Empty Panel Half As already mentioned in my earlier post , I started my modular synth with a Doepfer DIY Synth kit. It happened to take exactly one half of the 3 unit rack panel. It was clear that sooner or later I would need to add something there because the half empty panel looked somewhat silly. "Must fill panel! Must fill panel!" You might have noticed that Doepfer gives a rather nice discount promise in the DIY synth webpage : If you build one and send some photos to be added to the page you will get 50% discount for another diy synth board! (Or possibly an extension board in the future). After I had documented my modular synth beginnings into this blog I sent a link and some photos to Doepfer. Pretty soon I got a reply from Dieter Doepfer himself! You can spot my synth in the page now. At this point it was pretty clear that I would build another DIY synth to fill the panel. I had already been missing another oscillator and ADSR and thi