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More VCO's and a Mixer

3 More TH-VCO1 Modules and a Mixer to Make Them All Sing Together! As already mentioned in the previous post, I got 11 PCB sets for the TH-VCO1. I decided to build 4 of them for my own rack. I also had to build a mixer module to utilize all the signal sources. Almost Mass Production! I had already built one TH-VCO1 so building the rest of them was pretty straightforward. I tried to avoid the issues I discovered with the first unit. Figuring out what to do next and where each component should go takes significant time so I decided to assemble all three at the same time. It did save time but was more frustrating because it took much longer to get anything ready. Mass Production. Assembling all three units in parallel. This time I left out the IC socket. Now THAT340 and Tempco resistor fit nicely under the potentiometer board. I added some thermal compound under the Tempo resistor. I don't know if it is necessary because the first unit seems to be stable also wit