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Midi Moose improvements: Clock outputs

Midi moose, revision 2 One night I was jamming with my synthesizers. Digitakt was generating beats and sending midi to Acid Moose. I also added modular synth to the mix but getting it in sync with the rest of the gear was cumbersome. I had to connect midi to my midi2cv module, program a midi track with steady 16th notes and use the gate signal as a clock. I started wondering why isn't it as easy as syncing a midi device to Digitakt? I pretty soon realized it can be! I already have an arduino doing other midi stuff inside my midi thru magic box and it had plenty of io pins free! Drill a hole for the connector, solder some wires and write some code and the modular will be in sync with midi! Original Midi Moose post is available here: If it's worth doing it's worth overdoing! As there was plenty of io pins free and I have plenty of gear to sync I decided to add more than one clock output.