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808 Drums!

Modular Drum Machine? It was yet another boring afternoon at work. I ended up searching for some interesting DIY eurorack kits. I had never considered adding any drum stuff to my modular synth. I have the not so perfect Akai Howling Wolf drum machine in my setup and have been somewhat disappointed with the kick drum of the unit. So when I found the cheap  Sound Force 808 kick diy kit  I just couldn't resist. They also have 808 snare kit available so of course I had to get both. Weird-Valued Vertical Resistors I usually start all pcb builds by soldering the resistors. They are easy to install and are the lowest components. Unfortunately these boards are designed for smaller resistor components. They can be built with normal through-hole resistors but everything needs to be installed vertically. This makes soldering much slower and more painful. I have plenty of resistors and capacitors around and these boards don't use any exotic ICs so I thought I could build the